Restaurant Pressure Washing Services

Charlotte, NC Restaurant Pressure Washing Services

Restaurants are very unique. Unlike other businesses that have the luxury of only worrying about cleanliness from an aesthetic point of view, restaurants are held to higher standards. Of course, restaurant owners here in Charlotte want their establishment to look good and attract patrons, but they also have a responsibility to meet certain health codes and safety standards. Failure to comply could result in a forced shutdown.

So, what can local restaurant owners do to ensure their doors stay open and customers keep coming? Maintaining a clean environment is at the top of the list.  Of course, daily protocols such as sanitizing surfaces help to achieve this, but with the amount of dirt and grime that can accumulate in a busy restaurant, sometimes that’s just not enough.

Restaurant Pressure Washing & Cleaning

While you and your staff may do the best you can to clean up at the end of each service, excess grease, oil, and other residues still hide in little crevices and lead to some serious safety concerns.

Oven hoods and filters, for example, require routine cleaning to prevent fires, and fast-food restaurant are particularly susceptible to slip-and-fall accidents due to grease buildup on the floor. Our specialists use professional-grade equipment to achieve the most effective clean and keep your restaurant compliant with North Carolina safety codes to ensure customers and employees alike feel at ease in your restaurant.

Professional Restaurant Window Washing & Drive-Thru Cleaning Services

Of course, when it comes to owning a restaurant, your kitchen may be immaculate, but if the exterior isn’t well maintained, your customers may be scared away before they even try the food. ClearView has been providing professional window washing services for restaurants and other local businesses since 2014, but our years of industry experience go well beyond that. As an established restaurant window washing service provider in the Charlotte, NC region, we have a skilled team to provide you with customized service. Simply allow our team to assess your restaurant’s exterior and we’ll work with you to determine your power washing needs.

Operating a restaurant with a drive thru? We can help with that as well. Drive thru power washing services help to wash away mold, mildew, and stuck-on grime around the window and drive thru exterior. Keep in mind that cleaning methods should always be approached differently depending on the type of materials in your restaurant drive thru. Rather than trying to tackle it on your own, give us a call to ensure expert, long-lasting results.

Here at ClearView we pride ourselves on providing our clients with fair, honest, and upfront pricing on restaurant pressure washing and cleaning services in the greater Charlotte, NC area. To inquire further about how we can assist you, contact us today!