House Wash

Let Us Keep Your Home Shining Like New with our House Wash Service!


Exterior House & Business Cleaning & Washing in Mooresville & Denver NC

Clearview Window Cleaning in Mooresville & Denver NC

Performing a house wash on your home or business is a major factor in keeping the appearance of your biggest asset looking great!! However, using too much pressure can cause as much damage to your investment as cleaning it can add to it’s value.

At ClearView we use a true “soft wash” technique during our house wash service to lightly coat the exterior or your home or office with a cleaning solution that cleans the surface of contaminants that can prematurely age your property. Utilizing this cleaning method on a regular basis has been shown to prolong the life of your home or office by ridding it of those contaminants and thus saving on potentially costly repairs. It has also been shown to increase the value of your home or office over other properties that don’t take advantage of this type of service.

Since some chemicals are used in the process to kill all of the mold and mildew that grow on exterior surfaces, our trained staff saturates the surrounding vegetation to protect it from any possible over spray while washing your home and office.

Call us today and let us show you an inexpensive way to protect your largest investment!!