Clearview Window Cleaning F.A.Q.

How often should I clean my windows?

It all depends on what your wants and needs are. Most of our clients schedule 2 cleanings a year, 1 inside and outside cleaning and 1 outside only cleaning. If you choose to pick a schedule like this we recommend that you clean the outside only in the spring to get rid of pollen we experience every year and then an inside/outside cleaning in the fall if you plan on having any holiday parties or guests over for the holidays so you home is looking it’s best. If holiday parties or guests aren’t a concern for you, the schedule for cleanings is completely up to you. If you find that you need additional cleaning due to pets or other last-minute reasons you can simply schedule another cleaning. Unlike a deck or wooden surface multiple cleanings a year won’t negatively affect your windows.

Do you use pressure when you wash my house?

Never, we use a system that is called ‘soft washing’. While we do utilize a pressure washer, we use a special nozzle that limits the pressure of the water so that no damage occurs to your home. Using pressure to wash a house should never be done. While brick is unlikely to be damaged by a pressure washer, some woods or vinyl can be easily damaged if too much pressure is used. To properly clean a house, soft pressure with the addition of safe chemicals that kill the organic matter that discolors homes are the safest way to properly clean a home. If you have an oxidation problem simple washing will leave the siding/paint potentially looking streaky. To properly remove the oxidation there are special cleaners to be used that are safe and effective but do take extra work to accomplish the desired outcome than simple washing can accomplish. We recommend that you wash your home at least every 18-24 months, but we do have some clients that do this on a yearly basis. Your needs may vary based on how many trees are around your property or if areas of your home are mostly in shade and receive little to no sunlight during the day. These things will cause organic (mold/mildew/algae) growth to accelerate and thus increase the regularity for washings needed.

Do I really need my gutters cleaned?

All gutters should be cleaned at least annually. Gutters are meant to carry water safely away from your house and if not maintained properly can lead to major issues involving rot and water damage. When gutters are full of debris water will tend to flow backward into the soffit of you home and then can have the ability to flow into the walls of your home without you knowing and can cause your home to rot from the inside out or if only a little water gets into your walls it can cause mold/mildew to build up inside your walls. Gutters and downspouts also serve to carry water away from the foundation of your home. Whether you are on a slab or crawlspace any water that falls from the gutters next to your home can lead to erosion around your foundation that could lead to the foundation becoming uneven which can and has led to many other problems for homeowners. All gutters on you home should be inspected at least once a year unless you have gutter guards installed on your home, but even with guards, you should have them checked at least once every few years to make sure everything is working properly.

What is included when you clean my gutters?

We will remove all debris in the gutters and in the top of the downspouts. If we believe that there is a clog somewhere in the downspout itself we will notify you of our concern and for an additional fee, we will take apart the downspout to make sure that no blockages exist (this normally isn’t a concern if the gutters are cleaned on a regular basis). When we clean your gutters we will bag all the debris we get out of the gutters for you, but when available we will simply remove all the debris and discard it in a wooded area around your home. We have many clients that are set up on a yearly schedule so that they don’t have to remember a maintenance schedule and we simply add them to our schedule and take care of the worry for them.

I see you install Christmas Lights. Can you explain the process?

If you are interested in our Christmas light decoration services you simply need to call us and we will set up a meeting for you, but for a basic breakdown it goes like this:

We set up a time to meet with you at your property and you tell us what your vision is for your decorations and then we simply put together a pricing package to install/take down and store your lights.

What if I don’t have any lights?

Not a problem! We use a supplier for outdoor Christmas decorations and can easily supply the lights for your needs. They are rated for outdoor use and have a 2 year warranty and are much better built than the lights you purchase from the big box stores i.e. Lowes/Home Depot. The lights we use are capable of being easily cut to fit your home exactly as they should, unlike big box store lights that are cut at predetermined lengths. Keep in mind you own the lights, you don’t rent them,  so if you move they can be reconfigured for your new home very easily, and possibly without any extra cost.