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House Cleaning

Let Us Keep Your Home Shining Like New with our Home Wash Service

Performing a house wash on your residential or commercial building is a major factor in keeping the appearance of your home or business looking clean! However, using too much pressure can cause as much damage to your investment as cleaning it can add to its value.

At Clear View, we use a “soft wash” technique during our house wash service to lightly coat the exterior of your home or office. We then use a cleaning solution that rids your surfaces of contaminants that can prematurely age your property. Utilizing this cleaning method on a regular basis has been shown to prolong the life of your home or office and thus saving on potentially costly repairs. Other benefits of soft washing include:

  • Less damage and water penetration into the structure
  • A more detailed clean look to your home or office building
  • Cost efficiency- it takes less labor time to set up and no ladder needed or used in the process
  • Algae, mildew, and mold are killed at a molecular level, which allows the home to stay cleaner longer
  • The structure’s exterior is disinfected as well as cleaned
  • Requires less water than cleaning with high pressure

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder our soft wash technique brings out genuine results. We use only the most advanced of tools to ensure quality work and your complete satisfaction. Call us today at (704) 516-8920 and let us show you an inexpensive way to protect your home or business.

We proudly service Metro Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.


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