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Window Cleaning

Why should I clean my windows?

Clean windows let in natural light which aids in reducing heating bills in the winter and keeps your most valuable asset looking great! If you leave your windows dirty for too long over time, they will never be able to get completely cleaned.

What is included in window cleaning?

Included in every window cleaning job is the cleaning of the window, screen and sill.

What do you use to clean my windows?

We only use 100% eco-friendly products to clean your windows. The only time any chemicals are used, is when you have white spots on your windows that won’t come off with regular means of cleaning.

What are those white spots on my window?

The white spots on your windows are what we call hard water stains. They are caused by deposits in water that attach to the window and won’t come off without the aid of chemicals. Most often this is caused by sprinkler systems or runoff from the sides of the structure surrounding the window. You also see white spots when home and business owners simply wash their windows by spraying them with a hose and refraining from wiping them down.

Do I need to be at home during the cleaning process?

You will only need to be present if we are cleaning the inside of the windows. However, part of our window cleaning service is to clean the screen inside of window. Often times, the screen is not accessible from the outside of your home. In these cases, a resident will need to be home to allow us access to the window screen. In all other cases, no one will need to be home for us to properly clean. Our staff will leave an invoice for you after the work is accomplished.

Do you clean just the outside of the windows?

We offer pricing for cleaning the outside of the windows only, but most clients choose to have inside and outside done at the same time.

Will rain make my windows dirty?

Rain will not affect the cleanliness of your windows.

Pressure Washing/House Washing

How often should I wash my home?

We recommend washing your home at least once every 12-24 months. If you live in an area with a high shade and moisture concentration you may look into having it done on more of a regular basis.

Will it damage the paint or siding on my home?

The process will NOT damage any paint or the siding on your home. We use a special low pressure nozzle that gently coats the surface of your home without causing any damage. You should be wary of any contractor that says they use direct pressure on your home. It can damage paint, siding and windows.

I was told my home’s exterior was zero maintenance?

There is no such thing as zero maintenance when it comes to your home’s exterior. Anything exposed to the elements will get dirty and need to be cleaned. If you start a regular maintenance schedule for these things, your siding, deck, gutters etc. can last up to 10 years longer than normal.

Gutter Cleaning

Why should I get my gutters cleaned?

Your gutters need to be clear to work properly and move water away from the foundation and eaves of your home. This protects from rot, cracks, insect breeding grounds and other potential problems that arise with clogged gutters.

How often should I clean my gutters?

This will vary depending on how many trees are surrounding your home, but a good idea is to do it once in the Fall and once in the Spring. Most homes can get by with this schedule, however others may need an additional cleaning or two throughout the year.

What happens to the debris from my gutters?

As with all gutter cleanings, we haul the debris away and dispose of it for you.

Deck Cleaning, Sealing and Staining

When is the best time to get this done?

Early Spring to late Fall when the temperature is above 50 degrees is recommendation of the manufacturer for most stains. We like for the temperatures to be closer to 60 degrees to guarantee a proper drying of the stain.

What stains/seals to you use?

While we can choose the stain for the client, we like the client to choose the color and brand they want. However, our clients typically choose Cabot, Olympic or Behr stain products.

How long does it take to complete the job?

After cleaning the deck, we usually wait one full day to ensure proper drying of the wood. If it is not completely dry, we wait one additional day to apply stain. Most stain jobs take 2-3 days from start to finish depending on the weather.

How long will the stain last?

Stain properly applied typically will last 2-3 years. You can use a higher end stain that is said to last 5 years.

Will pressure washing my deck hurt the wood?
If done properly it will not damage the wood. We use a 100% eco-friendly cleaner that kills all the mold/mildew/algae that has grown on the deck along with all the dead fibers of wood that make the wood look discolored. We then use a special nozzle that uses low pressure to wash away all dirt, mold and fibers so the deck is ready for stain or sealer.


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