Gutter Polishing

Do you ever wonder what those black stripes are on the facing of your gutters? While some think it is simply mold, it is actually a bi-product of the reaction between the asphalt shingles and the aluminum in the gutters. This reaction is caused over time as rain runoff from the roof splashes onto the gutter and slowly forms that “zebra” stripe we come to notice.

Simply using low pressure washing, like what you would use to perform a house wash, will not remove these stripes like it does the mold/mildew build-up on your home. Pressure washing may lighten these streaks, but they will not be removed completely.

At Clear View, we use a special degreaser that will remove these pesky stripes for you. We use ladders with stabilizers to hand polish the facing of your gutters bringing them to a like-new finish.

So why take on the difficult and sometimes dangerous task of climbing up and down ladders all day to rid yourself of those pesky lines. Let the staff at Clear View take care of it for you.

Call us today at (704) 516-8920 to see what a difference our gutter polishing service can do for your gutters. It’s a night and day difference!

*Please not that in some cases the gutters may be permanently stained and a complete cleaning of the facing is not possible.


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